About VM

The Virtuous Medic

Student, Veteran and Volunteer

My name is Ryan, I am a mid thirties former army veteran who decided to challenge myself and undertake a massive career change to become a registered paramedic in Australia. Due to a legislative change, paramedics in Australia must now be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulation Agency. This now requires all paramedics from 2018 onwards to possess a Bachelor Degree in Paramedicine. I am now a mature aged, second year paramedicine student.

With a background in military operations, emergency services (including working as a Triple Zero calltaker) and many forward facing customer focused positions, I am endeavouring to explore all there is to discover in the world of emergency work and first aid. This means taking a look at new gear, everyday carry, news and anything else interesting as well as tracking my university journey for anyone who may be interested in undertaking undergraduate study in this field.